This XWiki Enterprise Manager product has been abandoned in version 5.2 and is not supported anymore. Its main feature was to allow the creation of sub wikis. This multi-wiki feature has been incorporated back into XWiki Standard.

For the moment we're keeping this wiki available for our legacy users.

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Silvia Macovei 10.3 1 = Main wiki =
Thomas Mortagne 1.1 2
Silvia Macovei 10.1 3 For the main wiki it's basically the same thing than [[migrate XWiki Enterprise>>platform:AdminGuide.Installation#HUpgradinganXWikiInstallation]] but with XWiki Enterprise Manager war and xar instead of XWiki Enterprise ones.
Thomas Steinbach 11.1 5 {{warning}}
6 Make sure you have property in ##xwiki.cfg## properly configured for your installation.
Silvia Macovei 10.1 7 * to upgrade all wikis database set
Thomas Steinbach 11.1 8 * to upgrade just some wikis databases set,wiki1,wiki2##
9 {{/warning}}
Silvia Macovei 10.1 10
Thomas Steinbach 11.1 11 == Upgrading wiki documents ==
13 As importing the [[XAR file for upgrading a XWiki Enterprise instance>>platform:AdminGuide.Upgrade]] you also have to take great care of one additional file if you want to do that for the XWiki Enterprise Manager:
15 * XWiki.XWikiServerXwiki
17 If you careless select this file for the import, your Wiki could not be accessible from outside your network anymore.
Silvia Macovei 10.3 19 = Sub wikis =
Silvia Macovei 10.1 20
Thomas Mortagne 7.1 21 For subwikis it depends on what are theses subwikis. If its XWiki enterprise wikis then upgrade the wiki pages as you would do for any other XWiki Enterprise wiki.
Dmitry Bakbardin 12.1 22
Thomas Mortagne 12.3 23 Each subwiki could be upgraded as following: use Extension Manager to install XAR extensions you need. To do that use advanced search and look for //org.xwiki.enterprise:xwiki-enterprise-ui// with <required version> (if you need XE User interface) . While installation, you will get exactly the same UI as you got in the Distibution Wizard for the main wiki with conflict resolution.
Thomas Mortagne 13.1 24
Dmitry Bakbardin 12.1 25 If there is way too much to imagine doing it one by one it will start to be a bit more tricky and will imply some scripting since there is required backend to automate all this but not much UI yet.
Thomas Mortagne 13.1 26
27 While the next upgrade, the Distribution Wizard will list you the outdated extensions from all wikis in a second step and you will be able to upgrade them from there like for the main wiki in the first step.

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