This XWiki Enterprise Manager product has been abandoned in version 5.2 and is not supported anymore. Its main feature was to allow the creation of sub wikis. This multi-wiki feature has been incorporated back into XWiki Standard.

For the moment we're keeping this wiki available for our legacy users.

Wiki source code of Administrator's Guide

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2011/10/25 11:38

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Silvia Macovei 11.2 1 Everything you want to know about administrating the XWiki Enterprise Manager.
Thomas Mortagne 1.1 2
Silvia Macovei 13.2 3 = Admin Topics =
Silvia Macovei 12.1 4
Silvia Macovei 13.1 5 ; **[[Installation>>Installation]]**
6 : Learn how to install XWiki Enterprise Manager or transform existing XWiki Enterprise into XWiki Enterprise Manager
7 ; **[[Migrate>>Migration]]**
8 : Learn how to migrate XWiki Enterprise Manager from an older release
Thomas Mortagne 17.1 9 ; **[[Create new wiki>>extensions:Extension.Wiki Manager Application CreateNewWiki]]**
Silvia Macovei 13.1 10 : Learn how to create a new wiki in your installed wiki farm
Thomas Mortagne 17.1 11 ; **[[Edit wiki descriptor>>extensions:Extension.Wiki Manager Application EditWikiDescriptor]]**
Silvia Macovei 13.1 12 : Learn how to modify general wiki configuration such as aliases, https, etc.
Thomas Mortagne 17.1 13 ; **[[Modify wiki aliases>>extensions:Extension.Wiki Manager Application EditWikiAliases]]**
Silvia Macovei 13.1 14 : Learn how to add or remove wiki aliases.
Thomas Mortagne 16.1 15 ; **[[Access a wiki>>platform:AdminGuide.AccessWiki]]**
Silvia Macovei 13.1 16 : Learn the different ways to target a wiki in the url.
Thomas Mortagne 16.1 17 ; **[[Apllications installation into wiki-farm>>platform:AdminGuide.Application installation into wiki-farm]]**
Dmitry Bakbardin 15.1 18 : Learn the peculiarities of application installation on wiki-farm
Silvia Macovei 13.1 19
Silvia Macovei 12.1 20 See [[XWiki Platform Administration guide>>platform:AdminGuide.WebHome]] for more.

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