This XWiki Enterprise Manager product has been abandoned in version 5.2 and is not supported anymore. Its main feature was to allow the creation of sub wikis. This multi-wiki feature has been incorporated back into XWiki Standard.

For the moment we're keeping this wiki available for our legacy users.

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Modify wiki descriptor

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2011/10/21 17:18

After creating a new wiki you can change many properties of this wiki (all that is in the "Wiki description" part) and access other advanced properties. You can access all wiki descriptor on the Wiki Manager application main page on WikiManager.WebHome.

All the descriptors are located at XWiki.XWikiServer, being the wiki identifier with the first letter upper case and the others lower case.

To learn how to add or remove wiki aliases you can go to Edit Wiki Aliases.

Pretty name

The display name of the wiki. It is used when listing wiki in WikiManager.WebHome or to list wiki templates in wiki creation page for example.


The use in the main wikis considered as "super administrator", meaning that this user has all the right in the wiki and can't loose it.


If enabled, all this wiki's external URLs will have "https" protocol.

Wiki template

Indicate if this wiki can be use as template when creating a new wiki. 


The default language of the wiki.


In domain based multiwiki it's the host names used to access the wiki while in path base multiwiki it's an alias to access the wiki. This has to be unique in all wikis aliases.


The description of the wiki or alias.

Home page

The page in the wiki used to generate the URL associated with the alias. You can get it using the wiki alias method getWikiUrl().


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